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I’m an old school boy, and this means that i use to be a reader, a researcher, in my young days i didn’t have google, bing, or even altavista search engines web pages.

I remember i had to study hard, reading all over the enciclopedia, crawling, searching and looking for some data into an inmersive sea of contents, today my little girl simply talks to her phone’s Google Assistant and says “Okey Google, tell me the political and economic problems of Colombia’s caribean region”

i laugth a lot, just remembering those days when my school partners and i meet in the city library, asked some books to look for data, turning it on information to completely resolve that homework, taking time to make the investigations, retrieving some curious contents about those affairs, and enjoying the process to grow the ideas.

Today  microsoft raise the bid on Microsoft learn trying to capture the attention, for a coupple of minutes in MicroLearning sessions.- tiny videos, short lectures, increase the efficiency of self study, against the MVA, and Channel 9 Videos, this short sessions want to offer micro experiences, to build knowledge from basics, without wasting precious time, you can study and prepare yourself with this new way of self study, and if you got to go, you can restart just were you leave it.

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I’m a seasoned guy, in self study, and i’ve really enjoy this new way to learn and practice, Azure is my first learning path (obviously) but i’m sure i gonna take the data cientist or data analytics path too-

hope you find it nice and smooth, kind regards.




Se extendio la fecha de retiro de los examenes de transicion de Azure

Segun reporta El sitio de Microsoft Learning Microsoft ha decidido el pasado 18 de octubre, ampliar la fecha de retiro de los examenes de transicion para que aquellos que presentamos el examen 70-532 y el 70-533 podamos hacer el upgrade con el AZ-102 y AZ-101 respectivamente hasta el 30 de Junio de 2019.

Si presentaste como yo el 70-534 y no actualizaste al 70-535 no podras presentar el AZ-302, sino que tendras que hacer el AZ-300 y AZ-301 para ser arquitecto de soluciones Azure Expert, segun reporta el mismo portal.

Adicionalmente al rededor de esta misma noticia, Alex Payne (El director global de Global Customer Learning, Microsoft) indica que la ruta de aprendizaje tuvo mejoras, en su post sobre entrenamiento basado en roles, Alex explica que buscan mejorar la oportunidad para los autodidactas con microentrenamientos disponibles en Microsoft Learn, aquellos que prefieran la opcion de video tutoriales y cursos en linea, encontraran contenidos (gratuitos y de pago) en Pluralsigth, Linkedin Learning, OpenEDX, y los MOC OnDemand de los partner de entrenamiento. Para aquellos que prefieran un entrenamiento en persona, los cursos AZ-XXX estaran disponibles bajo la figura de Instructor-Led Training en los centros autorizados de entrenamiento o con los MCT que compren el MAP.

los examenes de certificacion seran Azure AdministratorAzure Developer y Azure Solutions Architect Expert