Fabian Campo Henriquez is a Colombian systems engineer, awarded as MVP (Most Valuable Professional) by Microsoft in Cloud and DataCenter Management, has been MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) since 2008, delivering monthly trainings in CPLS (Authorized Training partners), on multiple Microsoft technologies as Windows Server, Hyper-V, Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, Skype for Business Servers, System Center, and cloud services like Azure and Office 365. Also has been delivering public speaking (evangelism) the Microsoft products, and recorded video tutorials for Microsoft Virtual Academy, and LinkedIn Learning.

Fabian has worked on multiple companies as support, advisor, administrator, consultor, and actually is Microsoft’s Office 365 ambassador on LATAM. by the way has been part of Rentabyte, Unisys, HP, Compuredes, Softtek, Manpower, Alfaingenieros, Vision Software, Comware, IXO, Controles Empresariales, Synapsis, IBM (throught DB-System), and Glup Management where has been Account Manager, and Support leader too.

Always with a good mood, always looking for solutions, can be a good friend, loves the cats, the rock music, the video games (he’s BraveCold on Xbox), and he’s fan of all the star wars, sci-fy things and comics culture.

You can reach him directly on each post, replying on the conversation, throught the contact form of this blog, or you can follow him on Twitter as @Fcampo. please check the linkedIn profile if you wish more details about certifications and degree.

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