PowerShell Survival kit

This is another script-pool so be my guest, enjoy exploring. try. learn. and apply on your daily basis.
#To get help on any cmdlet use get-help
Get-Help Get-Service
#To get all available cmdlets use get-command
#To get all properties and methods for an object use get-member
Get-Service | Get-Member
#Setting Security Policy
#View and change execution policy with Get-Execution and Set-Execution policy
Set-Executionpolicy remotesigned
#To Execute Script
powershell.exe –noexit &”c:\myscript.ps1”
#Parameters separate by space. Return is optional.
function sum ([int]$a,[int]$b)
return $a + $b
sum 4 5
#Must start with $
$a = 32
#Can be typed
[int]$a = 32
#To initialise
$a = 1,2,4,8
#To query
$b = $a[3]
#Created without $
Set-Variable –name b –value 3.142 –option constant
#Referenced with $
#Creating Objects
#To create an instance of a com object
New-Object -comobject <ProgID>
$a = New-Object –comobject “wscript.network”
#To create an instance of a .Net Framework object.  Parameters can be passed if required
New-Object –type <.Net Object>
$d = New-Object -Type System.DateTime 2006,12,25
#Writing to Console
#Variable Name
Write-Host $a –foregroundcolor “green”
#Capture User Input
#Use Read-Host to get user input
$a = Read-Host “Enter your name”
Write-Host “Hello” $a
#Passing Command Line Arguments
#Passed to script with spaces
myscript.ps1 server1 benp
#Accessed in script by $args array
$servername = $args[0]
$username = $args[1]
#Line Break `
Get-Process | Select-Object `
name, ID
#Comments #
# code here not executed
#Merging lines ;
#Pipe the output to another command |
Get-Service | Get-Member
#Do While Loop
#Can repeat a set of commands while a condition is met
Do {$a; $a++}
While ($a –lt 10)
#Do Until Loop
#Can repeat a set of commands until a condition is met
Do {$a; $a++}
Until ($a –gt 10)
#For Loop
#Repeat the same steps a specific number of times
For ($a=1; $a –le 10; $a++)
#ForEach – Loop Through Collection of Objects
#Loop through a collection of objects
Foreach ($i in Get-Childitem c:\windows)
{$i.name; $i.creationtime}
#If Statement
#Run a specific set of code given specific conditions
$a = “white”
if ($a -eq “red”)
{“The colour is red”}
elseif ($a -eq “white”)
{“The colour is white”}
{“Another colour”}
#Switch Statement
#Another method to run a specific set of code given specific conditions
$a = “red”
switch ($a)
“red” {“The colour is red”}
“white”{“The colour is white”}
default{“Another colour”}
#Reading From a File
#Use Get-Content to create an array of lines.  Then loop through array
$a = Get-Content “c:\servers.txt”
foreach ($i in $a)
#Writing to a Simple File
#Use Out-File or > for a simple text file
$a = “Hello world”
$a | out-file test.txt
#Or use > to output script results to file
.\test.ps1 > test.txt
#Writing to an Html File
#Use ConvertTo-Html and >
$a = Get-Process
$a | Convertto-Html -property Name,Path,Company > test.htm
#Writing to a CSV File
#Use Export-Csv and Select-Object to filter output
$a = Get-Process
$a| Select-Object Name,Path,Company | Export-Csv -path test.csv


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